Silva Kids Classes – Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai

10344134_672498446118531_6290899504671601514_oThe Silva Academy offers age-appropriate programs that are designed to empower your child. They will learn self-defense and make new friends while having fun. Through Martial Arts they will gain many positive attributes such as self confidence, self awareness and self discipline. These are all common core values taught within our kids program. These lessons and values all translate into the real world and have a long lasting positive impact on your child’s life. Our unique teaching style incorporates discipline, structure, learning principles, tradition, and fun.

Our Martial Art kid classes are designed to teach a complete self-defense system which will give your child the ability to effectively defend themselves. Martial arts will also improve your child’s coordination, motor skills, balance, agility, flexibility and focus.

The Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai (kickboxing) Kids classes are structured to be effective, instructional and fun. The classes integrate sport and self-defense techniques with conditioning and skill oriented activities. A typical class is structured with a warm up session that consists of kinesthetic stretches, conditioning and a combination of plyometric movements that translate directly into self defense techniques. They are then taught techniques by our highly qualified instructors and are then paired up with a teammate to drill them. Finally, the kids practice their techniques while sparring/rolling with each other in a safe, and controlled environment always monitored by multiple instructors.

Why take our Kid Classes?

We pride ourselves in providing a challenging, safe and healthy training environment for everyone in your family. Our mission is to help your child be a Champion on the mat and in life!

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