Silva Instructors, in Arlington, Texas.

silva-instructors-ericERIC FLORES – Head Instructor 

(BJJ & Judo Black Belt, Pro-Muay Thai Fighter) 

Eric Flores was first introduced to combat sports in his home town of Inglewood/Lennox, California. As a teenager He began training boxing under Mexican professional boxer Paco Sanchez. Shortly after graduating High School, He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he received hand to hand close combat training. In 2003, while living in TX, Eric was first introduced to Brazilian jiu-jitsu by His good friend Michael Garcia and began his jiu-jitsu journey. In 2005, He moved back to California and began formal training under seventh degree red and black belt Grand Master Aloisio Silva and Black Belt Joao Silva at the Silva Academy located in Lawndale, California. Upon his return to Texas in 2006, Eric continued his Brazilian jiu-jitsu training under Black Belt Paul Halme, and began training muay thai under Blas Carrasco.  Over the years, He has trained, competed, coached and cornered in several disciplines to include Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, and MMA. In 2009, he continued his muay thai training under world-renowned Grand Master Toddy. Eric has traveled to Thailand multiple times to train and further develop his skills as a practitioner and as a coach. In 2010 Eric traveled to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to train and compete, where he earned two world titles in BJJ. In addition to international victories, Eric has numerous national and regional wins and placements. Eric took on an additional challenge and began training Judo under Sensei Ruben Martin Sr. and currently holds the rank of Black Belt (shodan) in Judo. It has been a dream turned reality for Eric to open Aloisio Silva Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Texas and share the appreciation of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, self defense, and combat sports with others.